Episode 16: Conversation with Wendy McDermott of the United Way of Saint John, Kings, and Charlotte, about how the UW can partner with SMEs to provide impact-focused investing in the community. Wendy is a total rock star whose mantra is to bring people together to solve tough problems. This podcast will be a valuable listen for all businesses that want to do good in their community but who may need a little help figuring out the best way to go about that.

Keith McQueen, TSD SJ’s United Way campaign leader and boxing coach, joins in the convo and makes a stellar first appearance on PDB.

Listen in to learn about:

  • measuring social returns on your community investment
  • how small businesses can engage in strategic philanthropy
  • the UW’s innovative “Million Dollar Pledge”, and its founding members
  • how social investment is good for business
  • how Milltown is New Brunswick’s petrie dish of social innovation
  • values-based alignment for purchasing goods and services
  • driving a performance culture in the non-profit sector
  • the AMAZING Songs of the City event you have to check out

Quotable: “We never really start a conversation with a business talking about a donation. We talk about what impact does that company want to have in the community. What is the cause that matters to them, to their employees, to their customers?” — Wendy McDermott

Featured craft beer: Dooryard English Wheat Ale (Picaroons Traditional Ales, Fredericton, NB)