“What I love about my business is that I work with like-minded individuals and businesses who are very committed to growing the socio-economic conditions of the province of New Brunswick. Every day I get up inspired to do that.” — Tanya Chapman

Tanya is founder of The Chapman Group, a strategic management consulting company specializing in developing human resource strategies and plans, facilitating change and building learning and leadership programs. In this insightful interview, Tanya gives a TON of value to listeners by sharing key learnings from her years of experience working with business owners on strategy, leadership, performance management, culture and much more.

TSD-SJ partner Andrew Logan joins in for a repeat guest-host appearance on PDB.

Listen in to this episode to learn:

  • About our featured craft beer: Legere Corner Honey Ale (Cavok Brewing Co., Dieppe, NB)
  • What was Dieppe called before it was called Dieppe?
  • How good consulting can improve the future of the province
  • The #1 mistake most small business owners make in running their business
  • Why you have to “start with why” when looking to improve your business
  • If you are in the “Founder’s Trap”
  • If Tanya can sing like Tracy Chapman
  • What cool gift Tanya was presented with for being a guest on the show (hint: see pic below)
  • How business owners can improve their leadership skills – and those of others in their organization
  • What to do if your company’s culture isn’t quite what you’d like it to be
  • Culture or strategy – which is most important for your business?
  • What Tanya loves about her business…and what frustrates her most
  • Focusing on the Three Ps
  • How to close the “stress cycle” every day
  • And much more…