Season 1, Episode 12 of the Pleasure Doing Business podcast, powered by Teed Saunders Doyle. Interview with Dale Hume and Lesley Hillier of Thermtest, with featured guest host Nick Lawrence. Dale has an amazing, understated, quiet confidence about him that really draws you in. And Lesley brings so much energy to the conversation. There are TONS of quotable moments and nuggets of business wisdom in this podcast. You gotta listen in. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How Thermtest grew from small beginnings to international industry leader
  • Why they chose the path of organic growth over outside funding
  • Why sales is about two people talking – no brochures!
  • What is a panda update?
  • The importance of SEO for international sales
  • Why you don’t have to fit the mold of being really exciting in order to start a company
  • How to say good morning in Swedish
  • How to find the right people to help grow your business
  • Is Kerplakistan a real country?
  • What Dale and Lesley do for fun, both inside and outdoors
  • What gets them up in the morning and what keeps them up at night

Quotable (it was so hard to choose only one!): “If you want to be disruptive in an industry, make something really good, support it really good, and you WILL be disruptive.”

Featured Craft Beer: Hu Jon Hops – Trailway Brewing, Fredericton, NB