Senior Manager Rylan Melles is not just an amazing accountant and active member in our local theatre and film communities, he’s now on the brink of achieving the prestigious Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation after successfully challenging the CBV Institute’s Member Qualification Exam.

CBVs quantify the value of a business, its securities, or its intangible assets. CBVs use a variety of valuation methodologies to arrive at a conclusion, and explain their approach, methodology and conclusions in an easy to understand manner. In the context of litigation, CBVs quantify the damages or losses arising in a legal dispute.

There are many reasons that an individual or a corporation might require a business valuation, including tax and estate planning, matrimonial disputes, shareholder disputes, business sales and acquisitions, commercial damages quantification, and numerous other circumstances. Whatever the reason, the valuation of a business and the quantification of loss is a complex and subjective undertaking that requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

In passing the MQE, Rylan has demonstrated he has that specialized knowledge and expertise — although we’ve known that for quite a while because Rylan has trained for hundreds of hours and worked with dozens of clients on business valuation matters.

Congrats Rylan! We are super pumped and proud of you.