Episode 13 of the Pleasure Doing Business podcast, powered by Teed Saunders Doyle.

Interview with Mike O’Brien, Mayor of the City of Fredericton.

After a distinguished career in the private sector and serving for years as a City Councillor, Mike became Mayor in 2016. A passionate advocate for the City – in particular about fiscal responsibility, social development, and the City’s future potential – Mayor Mike heard about the PDB podcast and just HAD to be on it. Nick Lawrence joins in the interview as guest host with Andy.

This podcast will give you a crash course in municipal finances and a great window into the entrepreneurial aspects of running a City. And it was also tons of fun! Here’s some of what you’ll learn by listening in:

  • What do you call the Mayor?
  • What was his nickname, and what national sporting championship did he win, years ago?
  • Why discipline is necessary, if not sexy
  • How the City became debt-free with pay as you go and pay as you grow
  • Why Fredericton is a great place to start a business
  • What piece of sports equipment helps the Mayor think? (Hint: A Few Good Men)
  • What is the Mayor’s # 1 stress buster?
  • How did Nick and Andy sneak past security at City Hall?
  • Are you allowed to drink beer in the Mayor’s office?
  • The Mayor’s predictions for the Master’s, Stanley Cup, and NBA Championship

Quotable: “I love this job. I love this City!” – Mayor Mike

Featured Craft Beer: Into the Woods Brown Ale – Graystone Brewing, Fredericton, NB