Fredericton Partners

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All it took was one good impression to get Kenny Kyle on board. When he was at UNB and needed to interview an accountant for an assignment, it was an employee at Teed Saunders Doyle who gladly agreed. Read more...
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John thrives on his relationships with others. In fact, that's what brought him to Teed Saunders Doyle in 1997 after working as a sole practitioner for three years. While John loved working and consulting for his 'book' of clients, the fast-paced and much more interesting workplace environment of this firm... Read more...
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Nick Lawrence, CPA, CA

Audit Partner (506) 458-8727
After spending 14 years with a national firm, Nick knew it was time for a change. He knew he wanted to get back to his Fredericton roots. So he joined our firm in fall 2015 as an Audit Partner and he couldn't be happier. A motivated and energetic CPA, he has... Read more...
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Matt Mahoney, CPA, CA

Tax Partner (506) 458-8727
Helping clients achieve success and adding value is Matt’s top priority. He's been a tax specialist in the province for over 10 years, using his extensive tax knowledge and business advisory skills to help owner-managed businesses find solutions for complex problems. Matt is also sought after by clients needing tax advice... Read more...
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Jeff Saunders, CPA, CA

Tax Partner (506) 458-8727
One of our in-house tax geeks, Jeff has over 20 years experience and the grey hair to prove it.  He loves the challenge of working on clients’ complex tax issues such as corporate reorganizations, succession planning, family trusts or planning for the purchase or sale of a business.  Jeff recently... Read more...
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T.J. Smith, CPA, CA

Partner (506) 458-8727
T.J. Smith is the Fredericton helper. Whether it's a small client, local business or big-time operation, assisting others to find a better financial situation is what T.J. has a passion for. A partner of Teed Saunders Doyle and an accountant with the firm since 1992, T.J. Read more...

Fredericton Managers

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After taking her first accounting course in high school, Katie knew she wanted to work for an accounting firm. In 2008, she put her skills to the test during a co-op position with Teed Saunders Doyle and started working full time with the firm in May 2009. Read more...
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Andy Clark, LL.B.

Chief Operating Officer (506) 458-8727
Andy joined Teed Saunders Doyle in 2015 as the firm's first ever Chief Operating Officer. His role is to strategically align our people and processes so that we can add more value to our clients year after year. When not running the roads between our Fredericton and Saint John offices, Andy... Read more...
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Rod Doyle, CPA, CA

Senior Manager (506) 458-8727
Rod is a Fredericton native and graduate of UNB who enjoys living and working in the community where he grew up. A team member since 2005, Rod enjoys anything athletic and can be found at a rink in the winter and a golf course in the summer.  Rod is committed... Read more...
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When it came time for Sheldon to do his final co-op work term in 2006, he walked into Teed Saunders Doyle with his resume in hand and was offered a position with the company a few days later. Read more...
Rod Lyons

Rod Lyons, CPA, CA

Senior Manager, First Nations Consulting (506) 458-8727
Rod has extensive experience working with First Nations in the province, and comes to Teed Saunders Doyle after 9 years as the Financial Controller of a First Nation. Over the years, Rod has had the opportunity to work alongside several of the firm's partners and staff and when the opportunity... Read more...
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Angie is a highly driven and dedicated CPA who has been with Teed Saunders Doyle since the dawn of the millennium. (Sounds super impressive, right?) She is devoted to providing top-quality service and enjoys working with small businesses. Read more...
Rylan cropped
Rylan always knew he wanted to be an accountant (since age 13 to be exact). He loves numbers and describes his strong suit at the firm as anything involving audits and quantitative data. Rylan is always motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Read more...
Partners: Direct Line: Email:
Kenny Kyle, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
John Landry, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Nick Lawrence, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Matt Mahoney, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Jeff Saunders, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
T.J. Smith, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Managers: Direct Line: Email:
Katie Christensen, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Andy Clark, LL.B. (506) 458-8727
Rod Doyle, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Sheldon LeBlanc, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Rod Lyons, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Angie MacFarlane, CPA, CGA (506) 458-8727
Rylan Melles, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Staff: Direct Line: Email:
Lynn Coakley (506) 458-8727
Dylan Fitzherbert, CPA (506) 6369227
Mireille George, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Letishia Harris (506) 458-8727
Elaine Hayes (506) 458-8727
Paulette Jenkins (506) 458-8727
Lynn Justason (506) 458-8727
Sally Landry (506) 458-8727
Sara Leblanc, CPA, CA (506) 458-8727
Patrick Livingston (506) 458-8727
Victoria Menchinton (506) 458-8727
Shelley Morell (506) 458-8727
Alana Nicklin, CPA (506) 458-8727
Kristen Pelkey (506) 458-8727
Todd Seymour (506) 458-8727
Nick Stephens (506) 458-8727
Steven Whelton, CPA, CGA (506) 458-8727